New Students Orientation Programme Wednesday-Friday, Sep. 19-21
Commencement Ceremonies
Registration period for courses September 17-23

Approval of registration for courses by supervisor

September 17-24

Approval of registration for courses by head of department

September 25
Classes begin September 24
Add and drop period for courses October 1-7

Approval by supervisor

October 1-8

Approval by head of department

October 9
Classes do not meet (Independence Day) October 29
Classes do not meet November 16
Mid Term Examinations To be announced
Mid Term exams for Distantance education courses November 13-23
Classes end (last day of classes) January 4, 2019
Final Examinations January  7-20, 2019
Final exams for Distantance education  (5i courses) January 7-11, 2019
Make-up Examinations January 26-February 3, 2019