The College of Agricultural Institute was founded in 1933, on the 10th anniversary of Republic of Turkey, and consisted of 4 faculties one of which was the “Faculty of Agricultural Arts”. The term “Agricultural Arts” reflected the food technology at that time, and early researches in food science in Turkey was started in this institution. In 1948, the College of Agricultural Institute was incorporated into the University of Ankara as the Faculty of Agriculture. The former Faculty of Agricultural Arts became the Department of Agricultural Technology. The new department consisted of subdivisions such as fermentation arts, dairy products, and animal products, and the first food science undergraduate programme in Turkey was offered in 1954.

Anon. 1937

Anon. 1937

Unknown   Unknown                                                                       Building of Agricultural Arts (Anon. 1973)



Tarihçe_mikroskop başında


Agricultural Microbiology Unit, microscopic work (Anon. 1973)


View from laboratories  (Anon. 1973)


A scene from Agricultural Arts’ pilot plant for can and fruit juice (Anon. 1973)

The name of the department was changed to FOOD AND FERMENTATION TECHNOLOGY in 1972, AGRICULTURAL PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY in 1982, and FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY in 1989. Through some changes initiated on 13.06.1991, the department was re-named from “Food Science and Technology” to “FOOD ENGINEERING” by the acts of the Council of Universities on 24.05.1993, and the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) on 13.05.1994, and graduates of the department are entitled “food engineer”.


Finally, the department was incorporated into Faculty of Engineering by the act of YÖK on 26.09.2003.


The Food Engineering Department of Ankara University has pioneered to the establishment of food engineering departments in some other university in Turkey such as Ege, Çukurova, Ondokuz Mayıs, and Uludağ.


Compiled by  Şeref Tağı


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There have been many distinguished scientists who contributed great effort in the establishment, development and carrying the department today.

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We will always remember the contribution of the former faculty members to the department.