Dear Students,

Welcome to the “Ankara University Faculty of Food Engineering”, the oldest and long established institution of our country in the field of food science. I greet you on behalf of my University and Department.

Our department, first academic research department in the field of food science in our country, had begun its activity with “Agriculture Faculty of Arts” which was one of the the four faculties of the Higher Institute of Agriculture founded on the 10th anniversary of Republic of Turkey in 1933. “Agricultural Technologies” was launched Turkey’s as the first food undergraduate education by this name. In the following years, with the further increase of Food Science, our country and the world, depğartment’s name was changed to  Food and Fermentation Technology in 1972, Agricultural Products Technology in 1982, Food Science and Technology in 1989, respectively. In the developing process, the Decisions of Higher Education Institution (YÖK) in 1994 changed department’s name into the Department of Food Engineering. Then, it was separated from the “Faculty of Agriculture” within the scope of YÖK’s decision of 2003 and attached to “Ankara University Engineering Faculty” in 2003.

Our Department is currently located in Ankara University Gölbaşı Campus with the most largest physical area of ​​our country’s Food Engineerig Department’s today with 9 000 sqm indoor training and laboratory area and 1 800 sqm operational area. With the approval of the decision taken by the Ankara University Senate, YÖK has approved the 100% English program since 2018 so that our department and our students have become more internationally accredited and equipped food engineers.

Our aim is to provide you with a four-year basic Food Engineering training that allows you to identify the problems related to your occupation, to produce alternative solutions with innovative qualities and to solve these problems as the most suitable engineers. In this regard, we have  experienced academic staff from a broad range of disiplines, and rich laboratory equipments that meets you. Many national and international projects are being carried out and our students are expected to participate in these projects at the highest level. Without a doubt, it is unlikely that you will be distinguished engineers without your personal contribution. There is no doubt that you will fulfill the necessity of being a student in the guidance of us in an age when it is so easy and fast to access information.

The department is happy to be with you on your professional journey that will start from the moment you step on the department and continue after graduation, and we look forward to welcoming you.



Prof.Dr.R.Ertan ANLI

Head of Department