MISSION: The mission of the department is to contribute to the development of food science, food technology, and food safety
through its innovative and creative food engineers and published realistic research outcomes.

VISION: The vision of the department, being aware of its historically pioneering role in the country, is to perceive and meet
the changing expectation of food industry, public, and consumer groups in terms of of food technology and food safety,
and to be a recognised partner nationwide and worldwide



Programme Education Goal

To train engineers who are;

  • Focused on research and development, self confident, and capable of making technology based initiatives with innovative business ideas,
  • Able to serve as an engineer, manager and academician in national and / or international working environments that serve to improve the quality of life of the society by using contemporary knowledge of engineering
  • Capable of  taking a leading role for food production processes, quality assurance and research and development activities in line with public health

– To increase the number of projects supported and participated by EC, TUBITAK, DPT, university, and industry, and
enable each faculty member to be involved in at least one project,
– To increase the number of SCI publications and patents, and maintain the average number of publications above one
for each faculty member,
– To share new information and findings with the participation of faculty members to national or international scientific
– meetings at least once a year,
– To conduct research that contribute to science and meet the need of home country in line with development to
improve research infrastructure and support with new instruments, and increase in the number of technicians.
– To establish an effective communication network with our graduates, increase their support and involvment,
– To establish an advisory board comprising industry, government organizations, and representative of professional and consumer
– To enforce sectoral and social liaison as a result of development of consulting, education, research and analysis