Ankara University and our Department  promote and support national  and international collaborations of our faculties and researchers.


Current collaborations of our faculties

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2)  Assoc. Prof.  Özge Şakıyan Demirkol ‘s project, “A New Approach to Manufacturing of Pastirma: Microwave and Microwave Vacuum Drying”  with collaboration (as consultancy)  of  Prof. Dr. Gustavo Barbosa Canovas from  Washington State University, Biological Systems Engineering, USA.

Project group
Principle investigatorAssoc. Prof. Özge Şakıyan Demirkol
Co-investigators: Prof.Dr. Kamuran AYHANProf.Dr. Kezban CANDOĞANAssoc. Prof. Aslı İŞCİ YAKAN
Consultant: Prof.Dr. Gustavo Barbosa Canovas (Washington State University), (Proje period: 01.06.2016-01.06.2018)


3) Co supervision of Prof. Dr. Jose M. Barat Baviera in Valencia Polytechnic University, Spain for our PhD student, Esin Orhan Yanıkan under supervision of Prof. Dr. Kamuran Ayhan as  of 29.12.2016.